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Color Chart

Black – Strength; Power; Discipline; Sophistication; Elegance


Brown – Warmth; Stability


Red – Love; Excitement; Boldness; Energy; Passion; Sexuality; Courage


Pink – Romance; Love; Friendship; Sensitivity


Orange – Joy; Enthusiasm; Endurance; Desire


Yellow – Happiness; Joy; Intellect; Enthusiasm; Determination; Encouragement; Attraction; Stimulation; Clarity


Blue – Peace; Loyalty; Honor; Trust; Reliability; Freedom; Imagination; Understanding; Faith; Confidence 


Light Blue – Healing; Tranquility; Understanding


Dark Blue – Knowledge; Power; Integrity; Professionalism


Purple – Wisdom; Royalty; Power; Passion; Creativity; Romance; Compassion; Ambition


Green – Health; Well-being; Growth


Turquoise – Femininity; Serenity; Emotional Balance; Patience; Intuition; Wholeness


Gold – Wealth; Success; Achievement; Wisdom


Silver – Grace; Confidence

White – Light; Goodness; Faith; Purity

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